On-board passenger information services

The systems solution DiLoc|OnBoard covers both the software and hardware aspects of providing passenger information on board the vehicles – regardless of whether retrofit or new equipment.

Our experience has proven that reusing existing hardware – after conducting an in-depth analysis and developing an appropriate migration concept – can, in many cases, be a more cost-effective and sustainable option than investing in a new system. Devices can be selectively retained and/or replaced at various integration levels.

The vehicles are provided with the necessary data, such as timetable updates, dispatch-related changes, forecasts and connections in real time via the central system DiLoc|Motion. By using the open interface MPI (Mobile Passenger Information), it is also possible, for example, to send positioning data or diagnostic data in real time from the vehicle to the DiLoc server.

In addition to the software, we supply the entire range of hardware required, such as operating devices, TFT monitors, LED interior and exterior displays, amplifiers, routers, video surveillance, communication stations etc.

The connection to other central systems for data supply is possible as well due to the modular architecture of DiLoc|OnBoard.