Disposition mit DiLoc|Motion

DiLoc|Motion Synergies in control

DiLoc|Motion brings together the information from different systems and controls the processes in dispatching and passenger information services.

Meet our experts during your visit to the InnoTrans!
20-23 September 2022, Berlin hall 2.1, booth 840

Head of Operations Control:

„A few years ago, we at Appenzeller Bahnen were looking for a dispatching tool for our operations control center that would also cover our customer information. It was our goal that the train dispatcher can handle everything with one system and at the same time notify the customers in just a few steps. In the meantime, Diloc|Motion has been in operation at our company since quite a few years.”

Save time, costs and resources with easy control of your fleets and tasks. Thanks to the modern, web-based architecture, you can access DiLoc|Motion securely and from any location. You gain more flexibility and visibility, especially in challenging situations.

Real-time passenger information services

All data is simply recorded and automatically exchanged between the train and the control center. The passenger always gets the most up-to-date information regardless of his location and can thus make informed decisions.

Mastering disruptions quickly and safely

Disruptions often occur unexpectedly and require quick and prudent action. All troubleshooting measures can be entered in DiLoc|Motion in advance and previewed before the passenger is informed. Depending on the complexity, this overview helps to avoid errors.

Efficiency through automation

Many processes have cost time and resources in the past. With DiLoc|Motion, you can centrally monitor the status of every PIS component and react appropriately. In addition, the schedules can be distributed to the trains in a targeted manner, both automatically and spontaneously. The passenger is always well-informed without much effort.

Intelligent track monitoring

Until now, track changes and passenger information services had to be handled separately. The new combination of DiLoc|Motion and ILTIS opens up new possibilities, as practically only one system needs to be maintained. Intelligent processes control track safety and passenger information services in the background.

We look forward to seeing you at the InnoTrans!